Guideline to use Sollega Design Configurator

STEP 1 :

 Log into your account. To create an account selectLogin and Register

STEP 2 :

Go to the Menu "Design Configurator."

STEP 3 :

Enter the project address in the "Popup" window of the "Design Configurator" menu.

STEP 4 :

Select English/Metric unit of measurement.

STEP 5 :

Click “Start Project Design” button.

STEP 6 :

On the "Project" tab fill out all the fields.

STEP 7 :

Select the "SYSTEM" tab and chose the FastRack and Solar Module with Thickness. NOTE: If the module is not available in the list then select the "OTHER" option and provide the module detail. We will add that module so that you can draw the  Solar Design by using that module.

STEP 8 :

Fill all the mandatory fields marked as *.

STEP 9 :

Click on Drawing tools to access drawing tool.

STEP 10 :

Click on southern corner of roof and draw line across *Note - first line drawn is direction solar array will be tilted towards.

STEP 11 :

 Setback will outline roof.

STEP 12 :

Draw lines around roof within the setback line.

STEP 13 :

Select the "PROJECT REVIEW" tab to finalise the drawing map.

STEP 14 :

Click on Drawing button button and array will auto populate.Module Selection can be changed at this stage for comparison purposes.

STEP 15 :

Click on "Approve the Project" Button and then click on "Submit" button.

STEP 16 :

Click on modules to remove or replace them in the array where obstacles are located.


Hope you liked using SOLLEGA DESIGN CONFIGURATOR. We will love to here your feedback at