Sollega designs, tests and manufacturers solar mounting solutions serving the US and European Markets. The patent # etc. InstaRack high-efficiency solar racking system, is a one-piece, pre-formed solar mounting system made from durable lightweight high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE). It utilizes a UV inhibitor for durability and extended life. This durable material uses a minimum of 35% recycled content, resulting in a lower carbon footprint than conventional energy intensive aluminum racking systems. We source and manufacture our products entirely in the USA.

Sollega provides racking systems that are compatible with most common solar panels on the market today. Our universal design enables the installation of most 150 to 270 watt modules. This ensures our clients can continue using their existing supply chains for modules.

With offices in San Francisco, we welcome you to let us know how we can best serve your needs and look forward to providing you the highest quality, lowest cost solar racking solutions available.


Our mission is to provide the easiest to install and most cost effective solar mounting solution available. Our goal is to enable the installation of solar PV on every suitable roof in the world.

Sollega simplifies and accelerates the adoption of solar energy technologies by reducing the mounting and installation costs associated with solar arrays. We provide the simplest solar mounting systems on the market, reducing labour, time and project costs.

As the solar industry has grown, we have seen the cost of solar panels come down. We see installation and labor as the logical next steps to reducing the cost of PV. Our mounting systems minimise on-roof assembly and utilise industry standard, readily available attachment hardware. Our systems are quick to install, require zero roof penetrations and maximise available roof space.




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